Why You Should Never Juice Citrus in an Electric Juicer

Look, we love a green drink as much as anyone, but there are some things that just get lost in an electric juicer. One ingredient that should always be juiced by hand is citrus, especially when used in cocktails.

For those who order their Martinis “up and with a twist,” you’ve likely wafted that familiar, zesty aroma from the top of your glass. This lemony scent and taste is coaxed across your drink with the help of a thin lemon peel, which bartenders will twist to “express”. In twisting the peel, pros are able to release the essential oils that sit within the lemon’s skin and impart a thin, citrus-forward aroma to your drink.

Conversely, when you use an electric juicer, you won’t be able to release those essential oils and may instead accidentally process the pith or rind, which can lead to indigestion. To avoid this, bartenders recommend juicing citrus by hand whenever possible.

Another reason why you should always juice your citrus directly into your drink is that citrus can oxidize very quickly, which will change its flavor and alter the core makeup of even the most carefully executed cocktail. Limes are especially notorious for oxidizing quickly, and educators at PATRÓN always advise that bartenders and home mixologists pulverize their citrus directly into their cocktail shaker or mixing glass.

Of course, don’t even get us started on bottled citrus juice, which is either riddled with preservatives or apt to fall flat shortly after bottling. Instead, find a trusted handheld manual juicer to use when making all your favorite summer cocktails.

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