Why Your Whiskey Belongs in A Decanter

Whiskey decanters have been long-rooted in the cultural lexicon as a place for booze to sit on an office bar cart or in a home study. In fact, they were originally used for the very practical purpose of transporting whiskey from the distillery to one’s home.

But, as we know, a good glass of whiskey is an opportunity to pause and enjoy something elegant and well-crafted. Shouldn’t your whiskey be stored in something similarly elegant and well-crafted? Though storing your bourbon, your rye, your Japanese whisky, your Scotch in a decanter won’t change the flavor, it will add beauty and spark some serious joy. Here are our favorites.

The Scotsman. Classic Cut Glass Whisky Decanter

Best Classic Whiskey Decanter

If your tastes run classic, the Scotsman Whisky Decanter is the decanter for you. Its octangular, cross-hatched design cuts a stylish silhouette that makes even an inexpensive bottle of whiskey look like a million bucks. The lead-free cut glass comfortably holds 30 oz of your favorite spirit and will class up your bar or office in no time.

The Speakeasy Whiskey Decanter

Best Speakeasy Whiskey Decanter

Or maybe your tastes run a bit more Art Deco. If so, you’ll love The Speakeasy. The Slovakian lead-free glass, which was manufactured, cut, and polished in Pennsylvania is etched so delicately that everyone else will swear you got this at a swanky Parisian vintage shop. In fact, you may as well tell them that you did. Just don’t let slip that it’s dishwasher safe or you’ll be found out!

The Flask Decanter

Best Flask Decanter

If you’re the Ron Swanson of the group, swilling Scotch like a pro and with a strong eye for craftsmanship, listen up. You can’t do better than The Flask Decanter, inspired by the crescent-shaped hip flasks of the early 19th century, but updated with smooth sides and contours. This stunning lead-free glass was mouth blown by skilled glass artisans in Poland, each stopper is hand-ground to perfectly fit each decanter, and the neck is made from sleek hand-painted platinum. It fits .3 liters and comes in a gorgeous gift box. It’s hard to beat this one-of-a-kind piece, which is just as much art as it is a practical storage vessel.

Gatsby Crystal Liquor Decanter

Best Gatsby Decanter

Looking for barware that Daisy Buchanan would approve of? You need the Gatsby Crystal Liquor Decanter, crafted from lead-free crystal with intricate etching. This decanter holds 44 oz of your favorite booze, and whether it’s moonshine or world-class whiskey inside, it will shine beautifully on your bar.