Why Everyone Is Obsessed With Bracelet Flasks

Whether you’re at a musical you don’t want to be at, your sibling’s college graduation, or a conference that’s gone a couple of days too long, a flask may be your greatest ally, besides a good excuse. Despite their functionality, flasks are somewhat looked down upon by the non-believers. As a result, you often need to be tactical and tacit about carrying one around, particularly at a concert or somewhere else where you might get booted from the event.

There are endless ways to subtly carry a flask. There’s the cowboy boot, the back pocket, the belt buckle, and the list goes on. But what if you could disguise your flask as something else? A device to make your hooch vessel so subtle that it just looks like an accessory.

The Ceramic Bracelet Flask

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The bracelet flask is just the thing. The ring-shaped jewelry looks like a chic bracelet you might find somewhere hip like Bushwick or somewhere in the Southwest like Santa Fe. The ceramic flask comes in chrome, turquoise, and white. Want metal? We’ve got gold, rose gold, and chic matte black.