Why Your Cheese Knives Actually Matter

The world of cheese is vast and diverse, featuring a wide range of flavors and many different textures. A triple cream brie and an aged gouda are wildly different and should be treated as such. That means different knives for each.

Certain cheese knives are specially designed for specific types of cheese and having the right knives not only allows for more seamless portioning but also keeps all of your cheese separate so you don’t end up with brie on your parmesan.

Gold Plated Cheese Knife Set

Gold Plated Cheese Knives Set of 3
Gold plated cheese knives add a bright flair to your charcuterie boards.

This Gold Plated Cheese Knife Set is all you need to craft any and every cheese board that you can imagine. The set was constructed for the most common types of cheese you will encounter and includes a small cleaver for hard cheeses, a perforated blade for soft cheese, and a fork-tipped spear knife for breaking apart crumbly cheese. With a mirrored, gold-plated finish, these stunning knives will be the star of the board.

Promising review: I bought these cheese knives to replace the overly cutesy ones I bought at TJ Maxx and let me tell you I am so thrilled. They make my cheese boards shine, LITERALLY, and I get so many compliments on them!

Soft Cheese Knife

Soft Cheese Knife

We’ve all made the mistake of slicing into a gooey, soft cheese with the wrong knife and ending up with Camembert smeared all over our knife and cheese board. Not only is it a tragic waste of cheese, but it’s also just messy. This Soft Cheese Knife features perforated holes in the blade to prevent even the softest cheeses from sticking to it. Less mess, more cheese.

Hard Cheese Knife

Hard Cheese Knife

If hard cheeses are your go-to snack, this Hard Cheese Knife will be your new best friend. The blade was specifically designed to slice hard cheeses with ease, while the pronged spear will break apart crumbly cheeses. There is no block that this knife can’t handle.

Promising Review: We eat a lot of cheese boards in my house, especially now that we’re stuck at home, and this knife cuts through everything like nobody’s business.

Laguiole Cheese Knife 3-Piece Set

Laguiole Cheese Knives Set of 3

Another complete set that will have you ready to tackle any cheese, this Laguiole Cheese Knife 3-Piece Set is handmade in France from stainless steel and black acrylic. Add class and elegance to your cheese board with this set of knives from one of the world’s most famous producers. Plus, this set arrives in a gorgeous wooden box ready to elevate your next cheese board.