Upgrade Your Whiskey Nightcap With These Glasses

You’ve finally made it to the end of the day. You deserve a nightcap.

That said, we think your nightcap deserves an upgrade by way of a perfect glass to sip it out of. From handcrafted crystal tumblers to a vessel that makes ice cubes obsolete, here is the glassware that will give your nightly dram a serious level up.

Cooler than Cool Chilled Smoked Whiskey Glass

Best Chill Whiskey Glass

We love a cool glass of bourbon at the end of the day. We even enjoy a bit of dilution in our whiskey—contrary to popular belief, adding a little water can be great for your favorite spirit. It opens up aromas and flavors that wouldn’t have shone otherwise.

You may think that those two facts mean that we love ice in our whiskey and there you’d be wrong. Ice does make your spirit colder and does dilute it, but the problem is that once the ice is added, it’s tricky to control the dilution. All of a sudden, you go from a properly chilled dram to watery whiskey. No thank you.

That’s why we love the Cooler Than Cool glasses, this one coming in a sexy smoky gray. We keep them in the freezer for whenever the mood strikes, but you can also just throw them in at least two hours before you plan on imbibing. The proprietary gel keeps your bourbon and Scotch perfectly frosty until you’re finished enjoying. A silicone band runs around the glass, keeping it insulated while making for a comfy spot to hold. Just give them a quick hand wash when you’re done and you’re all set. For the connoisseur who likes a cold glass of something that’s not too diluted, these are a must-have.

Crystal Scotch Glass

Best scotch tasting glasses

For the imbiber who loves to sip and savor, the Crystal Scotch Glass is the perfect vessel. Designed to push the aromas of your beverage straight onto your palate, these glasses cut a striking silhouette and make your nightcap all the more worthy of contemplation. Each lead-free crystal glass holds 8 oz of whichever liquid is calling your name (they’re nice for other high-end spirits like tequila too) and look lovely on your bar.

Silver Trim Danuta Double Rocks Glass

Looking for something with a little extra flair? You’ll love the Silver Trim Danuta Double Rocks Glass, originally designed for some of the nation’s top cocktail bars. They’re durable and sturdy without being heavy or cumbersome, and the classic silver trim makes it feel like you’re grabbing a cocktail with your favorite Old Hollywood star.

Mid-Century Modern Crystal Whiskey Tumblers

Best Mid Century Modern Whiskey Tumbler

Looking for the most Don Draper-esque glasses you can find? Meet the Mid-Century Modern Crystal Whiskey Tumblers, crafted from lead-free crystal. Each holds 10 oz and is perfect for a glass of Scotch or perfectly crafted Manhattan. Cheers to elegant imbibing!

Spiegelau Crystal Whiskey Snifters (Set of 4)

Best Crystal Whiskey Snifter Glass

For the contemplator of Bourbon, single-malts and more, the Spiegelau Crystal Whiskey Snifters are just the thing. The arched silhouette is stunning, yes, but also pushes the aromatics of your beverage forward from the bulb straight towards your nose. The stem elongates the glass, but also ensures that the warmth from your hands won’t warm up your drink. Each glass fits 9.5 oz. comfortably and is certified dishwasher safe.