What are Whiskey Stones?

At this point, there is no shortage of whiskey gadgets to keep your spirits cold. Whether you’re more of a frozen glass imbiber or tried your hand at authentic, restaurant-quality clear ice, then you know that taking a little extra time to cool your whiskey down is a task worth taking on.

That being said, the main concern most whiskey enthusiasts have with chilling their spirits is that ice of any kind can end up watering down the spirit. Taking the time to freeze and carve the perfect cube is a great hobby to take on, but diluting the spirit, you’re so excited to sample often creates more trouble than it’s worth.

For that reason, many prefer to use whiskey stones, and we’ve got no shortage of examples. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite examples below so you can try them out for yourself, but first, here’s a little backstory on why whiskey stones are so important in the first place.

As mentioned, whiskey stones are an excellent option for chilling high-quality whiskey — whether that means Scotch, Bourbon, or even your favorite Rye — because they won’t dilute your liquid. Instead, the right stone can either create a neutral “chill” or impart a flavor that will actually enhance your spirit.

Recently, they’ve gained popularity as an art-deco bar tool that is sure to impress even the most rustic imbibers, and there are plenty of fantastic options to choose from. Try to find the whiskey stone that matches your personality — or decanter — and get ready to truly “chillax” when whiskey o’clock rolls around.

Read on to see our favorite options and choose the stones that work best for you.

Soapstone Whiskey Spheres

The best whiskey stones for bourbon

First, let’s begin with a classic. These soapstone spheres are a terrific way to chill your spirits and one of the most recognizable whiskey stones on the market. Pop them in the freezer for at least four hours before imbibing, and then simply drop one in your glass to cool your drink down. They are sure to impress and a great way to take the edge off, and after you finish your glass, you can simply hand wash or rinse the stones before popping them back in the freezer.

Skull of Whisky Stones

For those who want to impart a little more style to their drink, these trendy skull-shaped whisky stones may be exactly what you’re looking for. Pair them with our favorite Glass Skull Decanter for the full effect, and try not to get too carried away with the “mood” you’re sure to set. Made of stainless steel, you can simply drop these stones in your freezer to cool down for a few hours before adding them to your drink, then get ready to rock out on the rocks.

Drink Rocks Geometric Shapes

The best whiskey stones for whiskey

Sometimes it’s good to have options. Having a diverse set of whiskey stones means being able to craft the perfect nightcap, cocktail, or sip at any time. We love these because not only do they come in multiple shapes and sizes, but they’re made with soapstone and marble, so you know the flavors in your whiskey will never be diluted. Best of all, they’ll look great on your bar shelf, so they double as a great tool in or outside of your drink.