What Are Citra Hops and How Do I Taste Them?

If you’ve found yourself cracking open a rather sessionable IPA from your favorite craft brewery lately, you have a very careful brewer — and some very noble hops — to thank.

One such hop that’s been, and remains, at the forefront of any hop discussion is Citra. This hop seems to work in a wide range of creative styles from today’s leading brewers, but before 2007 many just called it “HBC 394”.

Citra was first bred by the Hop Breeding Company, and is generally assumed today to lend a smooth flavor and aroma that registers as both deliciously floral and citrus-forward. That said, the hop was only released in 2007 (when it became known as “Citra” rather than its HBC 394 dog tag) but by 2009 roughly 98 acres of Citra were harvested. Fast forward to 2019, and that number grew to 6,720 acres, and allowed Citra to become the fan-favorite it is today.

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