Drinks Essentials To Turn Your Home Into A Tiki Lounge

You know what’s a way more fun quarantine project than maintaining a sourdough starter? Turning your home into a tiki lounge. We may not be able to physically travel to our favorite tropical destinations at the moment, but a well-made tiki drink will whisk you away to wherever your imagination takes you.

Tiki Cocktail Picks

Best Tiki Cocktail Picks
We all know it’s not a tiki cocktail without a great garnish. These vibrant copper-plated Tiki Cocktail Picks, inspired by classic tiki sculptures, add fun and modern vibes to your drink, no matter how much Coco Lopez is in there. Your piña colada just became supremely Instagrammable.
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Faceted Hurricane Cocktail Glass

Best Hurricane Glass
If you can’t have a Hurricane in a cheap plastic glass while roaming Bourbon Street, you may as well enjoy it in some stunning glassware. The Faceted Hurricane Cocktail Glass set is cheerful and tasteful. You could even call them historic, as they were designed to mimic vintage hurricane lamps. You may be drinking a blue cocktail, but you’re doing it very well.
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Pearl Diver Glass

Best Pearl Diver Glasses
The Pearl Diver is a 50s-era cocktail from the iconic tiki Bar, Donn the Beachcomber. This drink is so famous (some would say infamous) that it even has a set of glasses named after it. This Crystal Pearl Diver Glass set, with a ribbed stem and distinctive wide bowl, is in the iconic Pearl Diver glass shape and will. The cocktail is a sort of summery take on hot buttered rum and is best topped with edible flowers or a banana leaf.
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Modern Punch Bowl

Best Punchbowl
Even if you’re not a tiki wonk, you probably know that a good tiki bar requires a proper cocktail bowl. The Modern Footed Punch Bowl can double as a centerpiece or fruit bowl, but its wide mouth and footed base also make it the perfect tiki punch bowl or communal scorpion bowl. Curly straws encouraged!
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Modern Footed Punch Glasses

Best Punch Glasses
If you’re going for the slightly more civilized punch bowl approach, the stackable Modern Footed Punch Glasses are suave and fun. They’re multipurpose too, making great vessels for Martinis, Negronis, and other spirit-forward cocktails!

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