This Koozie Will Keep Your Beer Cold for Hours (and It’s on Sale Now)

There’s nothing worse than taking a sip of our favorite beer, only to find it warm. It’s a shock to the senses, and more often than not, we drain-pour the contents. While we have a drawer of koozies we’ve gathered throughout the years, none of them actually work well enough to keep our bottle of beer chilled to perfection.

In our quest for the best way to solve this problem, we’ve absolutely obsessed with this Iceberg Insulated Can and Bottle Cooler.

Unlike the stack of rubber party favors and trade show table takeaways, this Iceberg Cooler is actually a gadget backed by an intuitive design. Made of durable, vacuum-insulated stainless steel, it keeps standard-sized beer bottles and cans cold for hours longer than a foam sleeve ever could. And because the cooler is double-walled, it also keeps your hands from warming up your favorite IPA.

Best Beer Bottle Insulated Koozie

Plus, we love that there is no need to pour your pilsner or gose in an open cup, which means less spilling and more enjoying. Plus, you can easily mix and match your beers without having to get another glass. You just finished a NEIPA, but are looking to try a wacky pastry stout instead? Just pop the top of the cooler, slide the original can or bottle out, and replace it with your next brew — no rinsing and washing required.

With this cooler at your disposal, you’ll never have to drain-pour a warm beer again.