These Are The Tools Bartenders Use

Remember pre-COVID when we could stroll casually into our favorite speakeasies, snag a seat at the bar, and order a perfect rendition of our favorite cocktail? Perhaps while chatting up that bartender who always knew to add an extra dash of bitters? Those were the days.

While that sort of night out is on hold for the time being, there’s no reason to wait until after the pandemic for a perfect rendition of your favorite cocktail. Maybe you’ve already dipped into the world of mixology (and even hosted a few Zoom cocktail tutorials for your friends), maybe you’re brand new to this. Wherever you’re starting from, the perfect cocktail is well within your reach. You just need the right tools to be on your way.

Best Cocktail Tool Set
These professional-grade cocktail tools will take your home bartending to the next level.

The commercial-grade Classic Cocktail Barware Set has all the tools you need to start making bartender-worthy cocktails at home. Comprising a lead-free mixing glass, hawthorne strainer, double jigger, and weighted bar spoon, you’ll be whipping up the perfect Negronis, Margaritas, Old Fashioneds, Sazeracs, and more in no time at all. By using the tools that bartenders use, you’re halfway to cocktail mastery.

When times are better and you finally get to wax poetically with that bartender, maybe you’ll even teach them a few tricks!

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