The Perfect Poster for Homebound Baristas

While many baristas and coffee aficionados have had to settle for homemade drinks during this last year, it seems like it’s almost time to return to all our favorite coffee shops. Nevertheless, there will always be a day when trekking to the cafe is just a little too much to ask.

On those occasions, and any time you’re mixing up an espresso drink at home, we’ve got you covered!

At VinePair, we love all things wine, beer, and spirits — but we also have a soft spot for coffee. We’ve done our research to explore all sorts of coffee questions, and found that while instant coffee is here to stay, plenty of thoughtful styles and beans abound.

These styles are often separated by where they come from, which is important because these locations imply terroir, and the coffee’s taste will inevitably be determined by where it came from. Interestingly, these ideas carry over into espresso, which makes sense because there’s very little difference between coffee and espresso beans.

The best poster for baristas

That being said, those nuanced differences arrive quickly when we’re deciding between an Espresso Martini or Irish Coffee, which can easily make or break your brunch. Luckily, for those situations and any at-home espresso competitions, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best espressos from chain coffee shops, so you can shop with peace of mind.

Once you’ve secured your bag, you can get ready to craft the espresso drink of your dreams with this poster. We love this poster because it easily breaks down the structure of popular coffee drinks. Whether you prefer a latte or a flat white, this print shows clear ratios for every drink in between. Study up and follow along so you can master your espresso-making at home and become the aficionado your cappuccino goals deserve.

The poster is printed on matte, museum-quality poster paper. It’s available in both kitchen and café sizing so you can choose where you want to show it off, and master your espresso-bending from anywhere.

Make sure to check out all our other prints while you’re shopping, as we’ve got the glossy guides you’ll need to make any cocktail or learn the hard truth about your favorite bourbon.