The Future of Draft Hard Seltzer and Serving it At Home

As beverage pros across the country gear up for the summer, there’s one beverage on everyone’s mind: Hard Seltzer. Over the last two years, hard seltzers have taken the world by storm, and come to dominate the traditional “beer” category, without one IPA to tote. Instead, the bubbly beverage has made waves as a refreshing summer drink — although with so many year-round imbibers, it’s hard to call it seasonal.

Today, our readers are always looking for the next innovation in hard seltzer. There has been no shortage of lemonade or hard tea seltzers in the last few months, but now with many looking forward to dining out again, hard seltzer may have to find its way into … a glass.

Often celebrated for its slim cans or convenient to-go packaging, hard seltzers have always been something fans could throw in their beach bag or crack open flavor by flavor at a friend’s house. But with an imminent surge in restaurant dining sure to kick off the new roaring ‘20s, many are trying to fine-tune their in-house hard seltzer serve.

Recently, Jason Murphy, the Beverage Innovation Manager at Buffalo Wild Wings spoke to VinePair about what he sees in the near future for hard seltzer. Most notably, he explained that while it makes sense to serve draft hard seltzer in his establishments, no one has really standardized the hard seltzer “serve” yet.

Unlike Blue Moon, which arrives table side with an orange wedge, or even a Martini with its designated glassware, there’s no clear guideline for how hard seltzer should be served outside of a can.

However, Murphy does have a sneaking suspicion that draft hard seltzer will be served in none other than: The Collins Glass.

Want to learn more about this classic glassware, and get ahead of the trend before your friends?

Read on to see our favorite picks for Collins Glasses, and how they can elevate your favorite hard seltzers.

Mid-Century Modern Crystal Highball Glass

Best Midcentury Highball Glass

At times, it can be difficult to replicate the ambiance of dining out without decorating your home like a bar. The easiest solution for our team has always been to look for something as beautiful as it is functionally sound, which is why these highball glasses come in handy.

The Collins glass is also perfect for serving fizzy highballs, so it’s the natural choice for drinking hard seltzer. These glasses are made with lead-free crystal so you can enjoy your favorite buzz-worthy beverage with peace of mind, and enjoy the textured look that runs across it.

Buswell Collins Glass

If you’re searching for a reliable set of glassware to make entertaining easy, look no further than these Buswell Collins Glasses. Not only are they the perfect find for everything from hard seltzer to iced coffee (or hard cold brew at that), but they also arrive in a full set with six glasses so you’ll have plenty of cups to go around.

Best of all, they’re dishwasher safe so you can pop them all in one quick load after a busy night. Each holds 12 ounces, so you’ll be able to fit all your favorite flavors in these stylish glasses.