The Science Behind Cocktail Salt, and The Best Glassware for Salted Rims

When it comes to Margaritas, most people expect to see a salted rim. Yet there are a million ways to take that serve a step further and many bars today have designated salts and spices for lining the rims of different cocktails. A quick dusting of Tajin can transform a Smoky Pineapple Margarita and provide a whole new world of texture around your glass.

That said, the wrong spice blend can easily overwhelm your drink so you want to make sure you go in with a plan. Don’t get distracted by candy cocktail trends or pixie dust, and instead try to first master the basics.

There are a wealth of ways to flavor every sip and decorate your glassware, but the first ingredient to really understand is salt. While yes, most understand that salt just “works” around a margarita rim, few have learned the science behind the serve.

First, salt is the perfect garnish because it makes you salivate. As humans, we typically link any act of salivating with a craving, and nothing will help arc your deepest cravings like a little salt.

Beyond that, salt also enhances sour flavors by triggering the right taste receptors on your tongue. Tasting a mix of sour and salty flavors at the same time will yield a more brilliant taste than each of the ingredients tasted on their own because of how they respond with each other on your palate. This is why that lime-driven Margarita can come splashing down on your taste buds and activate all sorts of awesome flavors when served with a salted rim.

The best glassware for salted rims

So the next time you’re looking to enhance a Whiskey Sour, Lemon Drop, or crushable summer cocktail try experimenting with a little salt across the glass. These glasses are great for salted rims because of their silver trim, which will highlight anything you use to garnish. The classic rocks glasses are also a super flexible tool to keep behind your bar, because they can easily elevate any spirit poured straight or in a cocktail.

Whether you’re a sea salt lover or just trying to keep it kosher, any spice mix will look brilliant when dusted across these glasses. Each set arrives with four glasses so you can treat your friends and family in style, and experiment with every garnish and spice mix you can get your hands on.