Decorate Every Event With These Glittering Wine Bottles

This summer, we’re ready to kick off everything the roaring 2020s will have to offer. For the first time in months, millions are reuniting with friends and family and gearing up to make up for a ton of lost time. While this has also triggered a monumental return to on-premise, we know that there are plenty of folks simply preparing to host the best party of all time.

What that looks like can differ depending on the size of your event and the theme, ambiance, or mood you’re really going for. The summer will see millions of backyard barbecues and beach parties, so to stand out you’re going to need to give it all you’ve got.

That said, it’s better to invest in versatile decor. Buying too many cheap, flashy, inflatable statement pieces will lead to a lot of waste and just bog you down when it comes time to plan a formal dinner party. Conversely, finding something that will look just as natural on a picnic table as it will beside crystal stemware is a staple worth securing.

So for all your vague, wine-centric party planning needs, look to a tool like these sparkling fairy light wine bottles to set the mood.

the best fairy light wine bottles

Battery-powered, these bottles are a simple way to light any outdoor table. There’s nothing worse than fussing with a cord on your dinner table, and while romantic, we all know that candles aren’t exactly built to last. Instead, the soft LED lights within these bottles are the perfect way to add a romantic glimmer to every centerpiece, and the simple on/off switch is expertly hidden in the bottle’s base.

Each set includes a gold, red, and green bottle which you can mix and match to curate the event of your dreams. Secure the set for yourself to see just how versatile these pieces really are and get ready to host the perfect party!