Look at This Incredible Diamond Bracelet Flask

We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but it’s safe to say this gemstone is probably pretty popular across the board.

That’s because it’s more than a diamond bracelet and easy to gift well beyond valentine’s day. In fact, it’s a flask and a key player in the rising trend of ‘bracelet flasks’ which are popping up everywhere you can find the usual brass or midcentury gadgets and containers.

And while we’ll always have a soft spot for beautiful examples like this wooden flask — which will frankly never go out of style — it’s in our nature to look out for what is the most ‘cutting edge’ at any given time. Yet this begs the question, can flasks still count as a ‘new gadget’?

With a history that began well before the invention of anything ‘rose gold’ the flask is a time-honored tradition that may have fallen right off our trend report in recent years. However today, with millions gearing up to return to festivals, picnics, and the beach parties of their dream, there has never been a better time to find the perfect flask.

So for those that are looking, might we circle back to ‘rose gold’ and flag this rose gold bracelet flask? Or maybe you’re more of a ‘gold-gold’ person with no time to waste on an off-pink version. For you (and all your other gold-loving friends and family) we’ve got the perfect gift: a Golden Bracelet Flask.

And finally, for those who are still not quite completely sold may we suggest the ultimate: Diamond Bracelet Flask.

The best bracelet flask

This flask is one part portable liquid and two parts ‘diamond-bracelet’ with the showy gemstone every effervescent imbiber deserves. So go ahead and go all out, tote it on your wrist or pull it out of your favorite clutch — maybe something diamond-studded?

This flask holds up to 4 ounces of your favorite, finest liquid and features a durable build that will stand up to even the craziest uncut gem. However, more than anything you should act fast because this and the other bracelet flasks across our site sell out very, very quickly!