This Craft Cocktail Mixer Will Simplify Your Entire Summer

Over the last few years, wellness culture and the need to drink ‘mindfully’ has pushed millions of consumers to look into better-for-you beverages wherever they can. Hard kombucha has risen to the occasion and can be found nearly anywhere you can buy the usual hard seltzers and more and more ‘craft’ brands have spilled into every category.

However, it can be difficult to define what exactly qualifies as a ‘wellness’ beverage in the first place, and even harder to find a reliable low-ABV version of all your favorite nightcaps. Instead, many people are moving away from building their drinks around spirits alone and beginning to really evaluate every single ingredient in their cocktail. While it can be difficult to find the time to harvest, muddle, and serve every organic blueberry in your Bramble there are some shortcuts to be found.

One trick is to look into quality mixers and to find a brand you can trust in a variety of flavors. Not only will a well-made, craft mixer mean less shopping at the farmer’s market, it also simplifies your entire home bartending setup.

These days, we love Wood Stove Kitchen’s entire collection of craft mixers because they’re reliably made with all natural ingredients and handcrafted in New Hampshire. Flavors like Strawberry & Rhubarb will shine when poured over Prosecco, and can be trusted to impress even the toughest cocktail crowd. Others like the Craft Mulling Syrup will make batching mulled wine a breeze, and quickly become a welcome staple around the holidays.

the best craft cocktail mixer

That said, one of the most exciting releases to come out of Wood Stove Kitchen’s collection is this Blueberry & Lavender Craft Cocktail Mixer. Not only is it delicious over tonic water, but when added to a Martini or simple Gin & Tonic, it will elegantly transform your drink.

Made with Maine blueberries, the mix of bright berries and floral lavender will awaken the botanicals in all your favorite spirits like Gin, Vodka, or even Mezcal. Beneath those first flavors clover honey notes offer a balanced sweetness and play off gentle citrus undertones.

Each bottle arrives with 16 fluid ounces and is enough for roughly ten quality cocktails. At only 60 calories per serving, these mixers are on their way to sell out fast so snag them while you can!