This Kit Has Everything You Need to Make Any Cocktail at Home

During the pandemic, many home bartenders have learned to get creative. What used to live behind the scenes as a portable, spill-proof thermos now serves as a durable cocktail shaker. Millions of forks, chopsticks, and soup spoons have been repurposed into stirring spoons and made their way around craft ice cube after cube.

But now, with millions taking date night back to the bar, homemade Rube Goldberg bar sets aren’t hitting the same.

Instead, it’s time to either give your favorite bartender the floor or take your own home bartending game to professional heights. Every pro needs a real set of tools, and there is no better way to tackle a new cocktail book than armed with every stainless steel accessory you could possibly need.

That way, the next time you have to choose between “shaken or stirred,” you have the means to do either in style. Plus, there’s no way to know whether your Pornstar Martini or Spicy Marg is staying true to form unless you’re crafting it as carefully as possible. With the right bar set you’ll be able to measure every ingredient and coax it through the recipe with the respect your cocktail really deserves.

The best cocktail kit for pros

A great bar set for any beginner or pro is this Essential Cocktail Set. Created by the masterminds at Cocktail Kingdom, this set contains a shaker, jigger, strainer, spoon, and mixing glass so you’ll never have to shake another Daiquiri in your Nalgene again.

Instead, this set may have you pushing the limits of your own mixology. Not only is it loved by home imbibers everywhere, but the tools in this set are actually the go-to choice for real bartenders and used in high-end cocktail destinations across the globe.

Armed with a beautiful mixing glass and set of stainless steel tools, you’ll be able to really stir your drinks to that perfect “ice cold” moment, and never worry about a leaky shaker again. If you want to experience the set for yourself, you’ll need to act fast, as this is a fan favorite and sure to sell out soon.