Everything You Need For Drinking In Your Backyard

The pandemic may have put restaurants and in-person parties and bar crawls on hold, but it can’t stop backyard drinking season. As the days warm up and our preferred drink temperature goes down, it’s more important than ever to be prepared for some socially distanced drinking.

What we sometimes forget is that all wine should be a bit chilled down from room temperature. Cellar temperature, which is how the somms recommend you enjoy your wine is between 45 and 65 degrees. When it’s 85 degrees outside, you’re going to need some gear in order to make that happen.


Best Chilled Wine Glasses
It’s easy for wine to heat up while you’re sitting outside, especially if you’re holding the glass. Enter the Cooler Than Cool Chilled Wine Glass. Throw it in the freezer when it’s not in use and voila, you’re always prepared for drinking in the great outdoors. The glass’s proprietary gel keeps your white wine properly frosty and your red wine elegant. The silicone band around the glass acts as insulation but is also comfortable to keep a grip on throughout the evening (or afternoon—no judgment). There are a variety of colors—a clear glass with an orange or wooden-looking band or a darker glass with a smoke-colored band—and options to keep it fresh.

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Best Chilled Pint Glasses
We’re no fans of warm white wine, but a warm beer may be even worse. Using the same proprietary gel of the Cooler Than Cool Chilled Wine Glass, The Cooler Than Cool Chilled Pint Glass ensures that your patio beer stays crisp and chilled, no matter how hot it gets outside. Just keep them in the freezer and you’ll be ready for whenever a nice day strikes.

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Best Bottle Chiller
Pretty hard to keep a glass of wine cold if the bottle wasn’t cold to begin with, huh? That’s why we always have a sleek Stainless Steel Bottle Chiller around. Throw in some ice, throw in your bottle, throw it on your patio table and get ready for a cold glass.

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Best Cheers Drink Tub
If you’re in more of a “crack a cold brew open” mood, the Cheers Metal Ice Tub will accommodate as many bottles or cans of beer as you need, complete with metal handles for easy carrying.

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