Best Outdoor Entertaining Picks for Summer 2020

After a long wait, summer is finally here. It’s time to pull out the shorts, the sandals, and the gear for enjoying long, sunny days in the backyard with our favorite people. Here’s what you’ll need, whether you’re drinking pilsners, punch, Pinot Grigio, or anything in between.

Cooler than Cool Chilled Wine Glass (Set of 2)

There’s nothing better than cold wine on a hot day. To make sure your drink stays at the perfect temperature, grab a few of these BPA-free Cooler than Cool glasses to keep in your freezer. The proprietary gel lining will keep your drink cool all night and the silicone band makes for comfortable gripping. After all, you’ll be sipping your perfectly cool wine all day!
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Cooler than Cool Chilled Pint Glass (Set of 2)

There’s not much worse than warm wine, except maybe warm beer. Beer lovers will appreciate these Cooler than Cool pint glasses, complete with the same proprietary cooling gel to keep their IPAs, pilsners, and porters frosty all day. Whether you’re porch pounding or sipping in the sunshine, these are the glasses that beer drinkers need to keep their summer beer chilly. Warm beer, begone!
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Pineapple Drink Tumbler

Maybe you’re drinking tiki cocktails, maybe you’re just drinking club soda with lime. Either way, take your enjoyment to the next level with these fun pineapple drink tumblers. Whether you’re at the park, the beach, or the porch, you’ll carry the vacation imbibing vibe wherever you go.
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Waterproof Picnic Blanket

Best Picnic Blanket
A genius way to upgrade your picnic experience—bring a waterproof picnic blanket. This one, featuring a timeless nautical stripe design, includes a genuine leather carrying case and picnic stakes to keep the blanket from bunching. The only detail you need to worry about now is whether or not you bought enough wine!
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The Gentleman’s Leather Koozie

Best Leather Koozie
Cheap koozies come and go, but leather is forever. The Gentleman’s Leather Koozie, made with top-grain cowhide, is comfortable to hold and much classier than the assorted koozies you’ve picked up as favors over the years. Each is hand-stitched, made to order, and will fit both tall boys and standard cans. The leather will gain character as you use it, telling the story of parties past and letting everyone nearby know that you are a person with taste.
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Member of the Cocktail Party Glass

Best Humor Cocktail Glass
There is plenty of partisan discord out there, but there’s one thing we can all agree on—we’re all members of the cocktail party. Show it off with this fun, festive glass that’s dishwasher safe and always in season. It holds 11 oz and promises a red, white, and boozy night ahead.
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Cactus Drink Tumbler

Best Cactus Tumbler
Cactus water may be a new health trend, but we’d like to present something even better—a cactus drink tumbler. Just fill this fun, colorful tumbler with the beverage of your choice and be on your way. It’s time for some fun in the sun!
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