Never Waste Another Drop of Wine With These Tools

You buy good wine. You deserve to enjoy it. Why waste even one leftover glass when there are so many ways to keep it fresh for your future self? Here are the best tools for the job.

Hear that? It’s your future self thanking you!

Concerto Wine Saver

Air is the enemy of wine. So, if you want to keep an unfinished bottle of wine for another day, try this genius tool. The vacuum pump extracts air from any open bottles, resealing it to keep it fresh. Once you hear a click, that means the wine’s been properly preserved, meaning your wine has been preserved from oxidation until you’re ready to enjoy it again. Along with the vacuum pump, you’ll receive four stoppers. This is hands down the best entry-level wine-saving tool on the market.

The Classic Wine Saver

You’ve seen imitators, now try the tool that inspired them. The Classic Wine Saver started it all and is one of the most reliable tools you’ll ever find. Use the vacuum pump to extract air from your unfinished bottle of wine, with the help of a reusable stopper. Once you hear a click, you’ve reached an optimal vacuum seal and are ready to go. Buy it with one stopper or two and either way, trust us, the stopper has your back.

Heavyweight Champagne Stopper

If you’re shelling out for excellent bubbly, you deserve to know that you’ll get to enjoy the entire bottle on your own timetable. Meet the Heavyweight Champagne Stopper. The sturdy stainless steel construction coupled with the inner silicone seal means that your bottles of Prosecco, Cava, Champagne, Cremant, and more will stay fresh for as long as you’re enjoying them.

The reviews for this simple little tool are hard to beat. Reviewers call it “Easy to use,” even “perfect” and say that it works as promised. Several report that, after buying one and trying it out, they immediately bought several more as gifts. Heather C sums it up, “Heavyweight, keeps the bubbles, works like a charm! Get it!”

Stainless Steel Vacuum Wine Stopper & Pump Set

Here, another genius vacuum wine stopper and pump set. This pump is one of the sturdiest of the bunch and comes with Includes two food-safe stoppers. A marvelous invention and a bargain!