Why You Should Never Use Disposable Shot Glasses Again

There’s no quicker way to minimize your drinking experience than offering someone a candy red disposable shot glass. It reeks of college, and probably reminds you of an era when you’ve indulged in far too much instant ramen.

Not only are they lacking prestige, but disposable shot glasses are seriously bad for the environment. Single-use plastics are terrible for our oceanic ecosystems, and dare we say — equally terrible for your barcart’s esteem. Do you really want to knock back shots of your favorite libation out of a plastic cup?

You deserve more than that, which is why we’ve rounded up three products to help you take the next step in perfecting your liquor cabinet.

These shot glasses are far more refined, and will help elevate your imbibing experience. They’re not just aesthetically pleasing, but they have properties that will actually enhance the taste of your drink. It’s a win-win.

Plus, they’re all available for 20% off with code GREEN20 at checkout during our Sustainability Week Sale. Grab them before midnight on 4/25 to take advantage of the sale!

Cheers to sustainability!

Cooler than Cool Glacier Shot Glass (Set of Two)

We’ll say it first — warm shots are the worst. That’s why we always keep these glasses ready to go in our freezer. The proprietary gel inside of them keeps your shot chilled, but they’re enveloped in an insulating silicone band so your hands can stay toasty. Plus, they’re definitely easier to squeeze in next to your mountain of frozen pizza boxes than a whole bottle of booze.

Himalayan Salt Shot Glass (Set of Two)

The best shot glasses

Your trendiest friend definitely has a Himalayan salt lamp — and you should totally one-up them and bring out these Himalayan salt shot glasses. Mined from the Himalayan foothills, the salt is incredibly complex, and endows each glass with its own unique pink pattern. The best part of it all is that the salt imparts your tequila or mezcal with a nuanced flavor, and helps to complement the smokiness or sweetness of your spirit of choice.

Faceted Crystal Shot Glasses (Set of Two)

These crystal shot glasses are the definition of classy. They’re heavyweight and elevated to allow for a satisfying grip, and their polished, angular design makes them even more satisfying to look at. We love knocking ‘em back with these in our cabinet.