This is the Most Underrated Bar Tool Ever

When it comes to measuring drinks at home, the host knows best. That being said, it can be a hassle to measure out several drinks at once, or achieve perfect measured pours when working with multiple ingredients. For these situations, every home bartender needs a jigger, and this option is one of the most reliable purchases you can make.

Leave messy Negronis and haphazard Old Fashioneds behind with this perfect stainless steel jigger. It’s made with one and two ounce measurements on either side, so simply flip it over when it’s time to add that tiny pour of simple syrup or Vermouth.

We always reach for this Japanese style jigger because it makes measuring so easy — though one-handed flips and pours may take a little practice. Either way, your guests will be impressed when they see your pro bar tools and your nightcap will thank you for your accuracy.

With measurements marked on the jigger’s inner walls, you’ll be able to master a wide range of cocktails with this one tool, and cleanup is super simple. Cleanup is super easy, just rinse the jigger out and return it to its place on your bar cart or wherever you keep your bar tools.