All of Kentucky’s Major Distilleries Mapped

If you love bourbon, chances are you’re familiar with Kentucky. The large majority of bourbon is produced in this land of bluegrass, and in 2019 the Kentucky Distiller’s Association announced there were now more bourbon barrels than humans in the entire state.

With more than nine million barrels aging in Kentucky’s clime, many are wondering how to find the center of this bourbon paradise. Luckily for these whiskey lovers we’ve plotted all of Kentucky’s major distilleries in this unique Kentucky bourbon map, so you’ll never have to wonder which distillery to visit next.

Instead, examine this map to study up!

This map shows all of Kentucky's Major distilleries mapped.

The map makes the perfect gift for any bourbon lover, especially any imbiber who has ever dreamed of making their way all the way through Louisville’s best bourbon. Printed on museum-quality matte paper, this durable map can make the move from tasting room to rickhouse without a crease.

Stretching out to a full 24 in x 36, this map will impress even the toughest whiskey crowd, and ensure that the conversation flows as easily as your favorite neat pour. So celebrate Kentucky bourbon with this premier guide to Kentucky’s major bourbon distilleries, and get ready to plan your own tour today!