Everything You Need To Keep The Bubbly Flowing

While a bottle of bubbly can make even the most aggressively mediocre weeknight feel like a celebration, bubbly shouldn’t just be saved for celebrations! Believe it or not, between the bubbles and the generally higher acidity, sparkling wine is a sommelier’s secret pairing weapon. It’s incredibly food-friendly and we think it makes a charming wine literally any time! Here’s what you need to give bubbly its due (and seriously upgrade your wine game) all year long.

Spiegelau Champagne Flute

Champagne flutes aren’t necessary for the enjoyment of sparkling wine, of course, but they sure do make it feel like a party. Our favorite flutes are these by Spiegelau, one of the best glass producers in the world. They’re balanced, sturdy, lightweight, PLUS dishwasher-safe. These lead-free crystal beauties deserve a space on your bar.

Spiegelau Champagne/Cocktail Coupe

Maybe you’re feeling a little retro. For you, there’s the Spiegelau Champagne/Cocktail Coupe. They’re just as beautiful (and just as dishwasher-safe) as the flutes, but designed to show off the aromatics of your bubbly. If you want to welcome the 2020s in 1920s style, go with the coupes.

Heavyweight Champagne Stopper

Heavyweight champagne stopper for keeping Champagne and Prosecco fresh

Fine, so we don’t often have leftover bubbly, but it has been known to happen. In those instances, we reach for the restaurant-grade Heavyweight Champagne Stopper. If anything can preserve your sparkling wine to be enjoyed another day, it’s this. The inner silicone seal and stainless steel construction make it extra tough, extra effective, and worth your time. One reviewer says, “this baby is well built, keeps in all the bubbles, and doesn’t leak. I would buy again as a gift.”

Stainless Steel Champagne Cooler

Best Champagne Cooler

Looking to have some spur-of-the-moment bubbly? Sure, you could chill your bottle down with an ice bucket, but a) not everyone has trays of ice in their freezer and b) ice buckets get a little messy. That’s why we love the Stainless Steel Champagne Cooler, with its reusable, removable cooling element. Simply pop the cooling sleeve in the freezer for a couple of hours, then let the proprietary gel do its work. The cooling element fits snugly around your bottle, icing it down in no time, and looking very sleek as it does so, thanks to the stainless steel shell. A thoughtful and practical accessory for the lover of Champagne, Cava, Prosecco, Cremant, and more!