How to Store Wine Bottles on a Baseball Bat

Whether you live in an adorable studio apartment or are still trying to carve out a real living room somewhere in New York City, we know that wine storage can be a frustrating issue. That said, we’d be remised if we didn’t suggest the true and steadfast luxury of owning a real wine fridge, especially a temperature-controlled one and small enough to fit inside your coat closet, we understand that that’s not always the most viable ask for every wine lover.

Instead, most oenophiles have to get creative when it comes to collecting and storing wine. It’s not enough these days to simply boast a wide collection with everything from Barolo to Blaufränkisch, because there’s no use in stacking wine crates only to have those wines spoil or take up too much room in your kitchen corner. This has led many retailers to get creative, and today gold Mid-Century modern wine racks are as popular as stackable options you can constantly adjust to your own storage needs.

But perhaps these options are missing the point, because a huge part of collecting is actually showing off your collection, and without the proper wine rack, your bottles may get skipped over. So to ensure you never miss another opportunity to truly impress, check out this Mountable, Baseball Bat Wine Rack for a wine rack you truly have to see to believe.

The Best Wine Rack for Sports Fans

Your guests will be stunned when they see your bottles stacked up and secured on this baseball bat. Not only is this piece a total showstopper, but it’s also the perfect way to ensure that your friends never ignore your prized collection again.

With wall-mounting capabilities, this unconventional wine rack is also a great space saver, as you can easily mount it up off the floor and out of harm’s way. From there, rotate through a few bottles to display every time you entertain, and you’re sure to never tire of displaying your collection.

The wine rack makes a great gift for every sports fan or quirky wine lover, so make sure to act quickly before it sells out!