How to Properly Drink Scotch

After pouring over Scotch recommendations and identifying the two to 20 bottles you can’t live without, it’s time to pour your first glass — but wait, what about glassware?

Learning how to sip and pour Scotch is just as important as knowing the difference between single malt and blended, so make sure you take the time to do so. For starters, avoid ice because it will mask the flavors you’re dying to enjoy, and if you absolutely have to water the spirit down try to only use a few drops.

Best scotch tasting glasses

From there, all you need is the perfect glass. We trust this set because the angled sides and curved bottom deliver the Scotch’s aroma right to your nose, and ensures you won’t lose any nuance like you would in a rocks glass. While they’re small enough for a slow, meditative sip, they can comfortably accommodate up to eight ounces.

The sturdy base and rounded sides make for the perfect swirl, so you’ll find yourself reaching for them every time you open a new bottle. With just enough room for your favorite bitters, or vermouth, you’ll also be able to experiment with Scotch cocktails — and may be surprised to find how these glasses can elevate your tequila.