This Invention is Changing How We Open Wine Bottles

These days, almost everyone has Googled the phrase: “How to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew” — but the days of shoving pens into your wine are long gone. Instead, a new wave of gadgets is satisfying the query and rendering those MacGyver lists and tips obsolete.

Of course, plenty of wineries have switched over to screwcaps due to a new focus on sustainability, and the hope that consumers will skirt away from the assumptions often made about these accessible wine caps.

And while yes, there are plenty of beautiful wines — old and new — popping up and playing with screw caps, there’s something so satisfying about the traditional wine cork, and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with popping it out. But maybe that allegiance to tradition is actually holding us back, especially as standard corkscrews present issues of accessibility, and are not always the best option for every oenophile.

With these ideas in mind, new gadgets and inventions are cropping up in the hopes of replacing our old tools, each hoping to become the best way to open a bottle of wine without using a corkscrew. That said, it’s hard to tell which tools to really trust, with so many names echoing the same claim, and few options seeming as truly affordable, reliable, and commonplace as a normal corkscrew.

This gadget from Cork Pops is the best way to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew.

However, one gadget of note is truly changing the game and showing millions how to step up their weeknight wine game. The Cork Pops Wine Opener has frankly simplified the entire opening process and fits in the same drawer space you’d find any corkscrew.

To use the gadget, simply pierce a wine cork with the Cork Pop needle, press the opener, and lift out the cork. The tool removes the wine cork in seconds and eliminates the hassle of broken wine corks or shavings slipping into the bottle. Instead, the process is purely surgical and completed in seconds, making the Cork Pops Wine Opener the best way to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew.

Each wine opener arrives with one cartridge, which is enough to open roughly 60 – 80 bottles of wine. Once you begin using this gadget, you can get ready for a new, convenient life of opening wine, and spend more time focusing on the liquid, and leave your cork worries behind.