How to Make Diamond Ice Cubes

For some, today’s cocktails are one part liquid, one part craft ice. The concept of “craft ice” has always been prevalent, with many assuming that a large “whiskey cube” essentially serves as a garnish in the drink. While real whiskey nerds know they’re wrong (serving a drink with one cube is actually a careful way to make sure you don’t dilute your drink with too much water) we can’t deny that the right cube can seriously transform a drink.

That said, the trend of “craft ice” arrived alongside the craft cocktail trend and encompasses a wide range of clear, glittered, or even floral ice cubes. So the next time you’re out at your fanciest cocktail bar, consider ordering your favorite drink “on the rocks” and checking out the cubes. Or if you’re mixing up a fun happy hour at home, try freezing berries, cut fruit, or even edible flowers into the cubes to give your drinks a little extra edge.

If those tricks aren’t quite enough for you, you can also follow our guide to making clear ice at home. While we admit, it’s kind of a pain, it’s an incredibly impressive way to elevate your favorite serve.

Of course, this is where the hints, tips, and tricks come in. Instead of spending hours carving perfect cubes from your landmark block, simply take a look at these diamond ice cube trays and imagine the beauty, ease, and grace of serving diamond ice cubes.

The best diamond ice cube tray

We love this diamond ice cube tray because it is truly the easiest way to create your own craft ice. Plus, while another novelty ice mold may create cubes that look a little awkward as they melt these diamonds are (almost) forever. Each ‘diamond’ will melt slower than a traditional ice cube because of its volume and will add a touch of class to your next rocks pour.

Each ice cube tray is made with dishwasher-safe silicone for easy cleanup and makes a great gift for every diamond-lover in your life. So the next time you’re pulling some friends together for a last-minute happy hour, look to these diamond ice cubes for the perfect conversation starter.