This Is The Best Way To Clean Your Wine Decanter

So, you bought a decanter, thinking that it’s an important piece to add to your bar. You take it out of the box for the first time and pause.

“How are you supposed to clean this again?”

“Oh well,” you think, placing it on your bar to remain untouched (or used and unwashed) for months.

If that’s you, listen up. We’ve found the best way to clean your decanter and it’s through the use of these stainless steel Decanter Cleaning Beads. Simply mix them with a bit of water, then pour them into your decanter (or carafe or Chemex) and swirl until you see stains and sediment wash away. Pour the beads back out, give them a rinse, and they’re ready to be used again.

These decanter beads are the easiest way to remove sediment from your decanter.

Each container includes over 250 beads and can be used time and time again for any hard-to-clean glassware in your kitchen. It makes a thoughtful, useful gift for any wine drinker and will quickly become indispensable for your wine routine.

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