How to Clean Everything From Your Decanter to Your Travel Mug

Finding the perfect decanter can be intimidating. Whether you’re looking for the ideal vessel for storing your finest scotch or bourbon, or just looking for a place to pour your wine into so you can really watch it bloom, we’re here to help.

First, it’s important to understand the differences between different kinds of decanters. As mentioned, pouring your wine into a proper wine decanter will help the liquid aerate and express its best flavors and aromas to its fullest. Left inside the bottle, the liquid to oxygen ratio is much smaller, and there’s little room to swill your wine around (and loosen any sediment). Of course, we could talk your ear off about selecting the best decanter for your wine, but luckily we’ve compiled all our best tips here into this article.

A spirits decanter on the other hand is largely used for decoration. While yes, a decanter will also help your spirits aerate, this is less of a concern with fine whiskey or tequila and so many decanters are just an awesome way to customize your favorite serve and showcase your spirit in something nicer than its bottle.

That said, no matter why you’ve chosen your decanter there will come a time when you need to clean it. While many of our favorite picks in the articles listed above are dishwasher safe, we understand that it can be a mental hurdle to pack any crystal alongside your daily table settings. So for those who are looking for the best, safest ways to clean your decanter read on to discover the tools you cannot live without.

Decanter Cleaning Brushes

The perfect decanter cleaning brush.

These Decanter Cleaning Brushes take all the work out of cleaning your decanter. Simply slide them in and watch them sweep through every crevice in your decanter, leaving all your most delicate crystal and glass spotless and streak-free. Each brush is super limber so you know it will bend to meet every tricky corner while ensuring a thorough — albeit very, very gentle — clean.

Each set comes with two reusable brushes made with high-tensile foam. These brushes are truly the best way to clean your decanter without accidentally scratching your precious vessel, and make a great gift for any wine lover.

Decanter Cleaning Beads

The best decanter cleaning beads

For all those deep-clean moments that call for a little more than your standard brush, look to these Decanter Cleaning Beads to get the job done. Simply mix these stainless steel beads with a bit of water, pour them into your decanter, and swirl. The beads will quickly lift tough stains and loosen any pesky sediment, and clean so well they’re a gadget you really have to see to believe.

Not only are they perfect for cleaning your decanter, but you can also use these beads to swipe through and polish your favorite carafe, coffee pot, flask, or travel mug so they’re a great home cleaning tool for anyone. Completely reusable, each set comes with over 250 beads so you can tackle every deep-clean with ease.