How to Batch and Serve Cocktails

With summer quickly drawing closer, many people are preparing to throw the best barbecue, pool party, or beach bash of all time. Across the nation, millions are gearing up for the birthday party “re-do” they deserve, but it’s okay to admit if you’re a little rusty when it comes to large-scale entertaining.

An easy way to slim down the usual fuss is to learn how to batch your favorite cocktails, so guests don’t even have to pick between “shaken or stirred.” Instead, sweep them off their feet with a concoction that’s big enough to share, yet served extra elegantly, in a modern punch bowl.

The key to batching cocktails is to choose a recipe that will be easy to double, triple, or simply multiply by your crowd size. From there, don’t forget that presentation will seriously weigh into your cocktails’ success and can quickly transform even the loosest high ball into a crowd-pleaser.

From there, don’t forget to garnish. Depending on the flavor profile of your chosen cocktail, you may want to top your punch with a collection of vibrant, dehydrated citrus rings or several cups of fresh berries. Otherwise, you can always draw inspiration from more decorative elements like edible flowers, tropical fruit, or even some bright green grapes. Whatever floats your boat — and in your punch — will work. Bonus points if you can pull together a salted rim for your punch bowl.

The best bowl for batched cocktails

And now for the punch bowl itself. We love this Modern Footed Punch Bowl because it’s an easy way to quickly elevate anything from a Pisco Pineapple Punch to a batched spin on the classic French 75 and sturdy enough to stand up to even the clumsiest pours.

Made with beautiful soda lime glass, it features a wide-angled bowl that comfortably holds up to 2.5 gallons and a strong footed base that helps this piece command any space. When it’s empty, fill it with wine corks for a quirky centerpiece, or use it to float tea lights over water for your next date night in.