Every Home Bartender Needs This Ice Tray Set

Maybe you’re a new bartender, still figuring out how to make a Negroni. Maybe you’ve been on your at-home mixology game for a while and can whip up custom tiki drinks and riffs on the classics with your house-made syrups and even bitters.

Wherever you are in your home bartender journey, this ice tray set is going to seriously up your game. As you likely already know, most cocktails are pretty simple—usually just a few ingredients. Every little upgrade to one of these ingredients results in a cocktail that’s all the more mind-blowing.

Ice is an important structural and flavor element in cocktails, adding both a refreshing chill and keeping it properly diluted without watering it down. Ice is a heavier hitter than most of us realize and deserves some customization. That’s why these specialty ice cube trays are so great. Each is crafted from flexible, sturdy silicone which is both dishwasher and microwave safe, and also makes it very easy to pop those cubes out when you need them, rather than engaging in a quick battle with the ice cube tray. Each also comes with a lid, protecting your ice from picking up other flavors from the fridge and making it easy to stack them.

Best Crushed Ice Tray

The Crushed Ice Tray is extra thin, meaning it freezes quickly and gives you enough crushed ice for a single serving of your favorite tiki drink, Margarita, or even a Long Island Iced Tea. Thanks to the genius design of the lid and funnel, it’s easy to guide said crushed ice exactly where you want it—into the glass, rather than all over your workspace.

Best Sphere Ice Tray

Maybe you’re making something super classic and spirits-forward like an Old Fashioned or Manhattan. For that, we love a gigantic rock of ice from the Sphere Ice Cube Tray. These large cubes melt more slowly, keeping the dilution minimal while chilling your drink. This tray features an internal steel frame, meaning that filling and transporting the tray is a breeze.

Best Collins Ice Tray

The Collins Ice Tray makes four ice spears, perfect for your Toki highballs or Tom Collins. Rather than trying to stack small cubes awkwardly atop each other (and majorly diluting your drink in the process), this tray makes it easy to ice down your tall drinks in an elegant and effective way. The steel frame keeps everything where it should—no spills here as you’re filling or walking the tray back to the freezer!

No matter the cocktail, with this set of ice cube trays, you’ll be set to turn your living room into a chic speakeasy. All you’ll have to worry about is refilling them when the night is done.