What Glass Do I Use for Tequila? A Guide to Tequila Glassware

When it comes to tequila glassware, most agave fans have more questions than straight-forward crystal solutions to choose from. We want to change that.

Over the last few years, a mix of celebrity tequilas and premium “sipping tequilas” have flooded the market, leading fans confused as to whether they should still be “shooting” that time-honored añejo, or even mix it into cocktails. The truth of the matter is that fans should feel free to customize their favorite spirits to match their own flavor preferences, and with the help of a few staple serves pouring any blanco, reposado, or añejo should be a breeze.

Moreover, with many people dining on-premise and gearing up to host the parties they’ve spent the last year dreaming up, tequila serves are becoming a little more complicated. Sipping straight can seem boring when one considers the true wealth of seasonal cocktails and frozen punches out there, so it’s important to have the right glassware for every situation.

So the next time you find a bottle you’re excited to try, make sure you take the time to pour yourself a small glass you can take the time to really sip and parse out. The better you become at identifying subtle flavors and nuances in your spirits, the easier it will be to create cocktails around them. Then, you may even find a few special blancos you can spend the summer pouring into highballs, so don’t be afraid to carve out a little time for a little R&D.

To learn the most popular ways to serve tequila, read on and examine our guide to tequila glassware below.

Silver Trim Danuta Double Rocks Glass (Set of 4)

The best glassware for salted rims

When it comes to serving tequila neat or in a cocktail on the rocks, you’ll want to have a strong set of tumblers. We love these glasses because they’re the perfect size for any cocktail (each glass comfortably fits a double or 15 ounces) but they also add a little flair to any serve with their silver trim.

Plus, that silver trim dazzles when you line your cocktail with salt. Most tequila cocktails can benefit from a thin line of cocktail salt, as salt actually activates sour flavors so that they taste more brilliant on your tongue. So the next time you’re mixing up a Paloma, Añejo Old Fashioned, or just sipping a new Reposado on the rocks, look to these glasses to elevate any serve.

Faceted Hurricane Cocktail Glass (Set of 2)

This hurricane glass is great for tequila highballs

Every summer inadvertently becomes all about highballs, so get ready to switch out your usual Collins glasses for these faceted Hurricane glasses. Perfect for when you’re too lazy to make your way through that (complicated) Spicy Margarita recipe, and want to quickly elevate a quick tequila soda in peace.

Always made with lead-free crystal, each glass comfortably holds up to fourteen ounces, so you’ll be able to fit every craft ice cube of your dreams. Then, while these glasses are a great way to serve your favorite tiki drinks, they’re a match made in heaven for Ranch Water. To make the famous Texas cocktail simply combine your favorite tequila with Topo Chico, a squeeze of lime, and a very, very sunny day.

Classic Crystal Margarita Glasses

The best crystal margarita glasses.

Every Margarita lover deserves to drink their favorite cocktail in style, which is why these Margarita glasses are the perfect gift for any agave fan. Made with lead-free crystal, this set is truly a step up from the kitschy serves of summers past, and an easy way to elevate any cocktail.

Each set includes two glasses that can fit up to twelve ounces — frozen or shaken — so you’ll be able to layer in all your favorite flavors. So whether you’re a triple sec connoisseur, or just love the convenience of a good margarita mix, make sure to always serve your drinks in the glassware they deserve.