This Sturdy Vacuum Stopper Keeps Your Wine Fresh

We can’t say that we usually have leftover wine at the end of an evening, but it’s happened. And, while oxygen is important for opening up your wine so it’s ready to drink, that beautiful symbiosis of wine and oxygen starts to sour as the wine stays open.

In fact, that souring can be quite literal—leave a wine exposed to oxygen for too long, and you’ll be left with vinegar. You don’t deserve that, and neither does that great Cabernet Sauvignon you’re drinking.

That’s why we love this Stainless Steel Vacuum Wine Stopper & Pump Set. When a bottle goes unfinished, we grab the stopper and use the vacuum pump to remove excess air for the bottle. After just ten pumps, your wine will stay at its peak, and you’ll be able to revisit it the next day at your leisure. For extra assurance, store the bottle in the fridge, and your wine will be frozen in time. Plus, the stopper and the pump are both super sturdy—much better than other options we’ve tried.

Each set comes with two stoppers and a pump, just in case you have two bottles that need saving. With this dream team of stoppers and vacuum pump, your leftover Chardonnay will always be fresh when you come back around to it. You can then focus on drinking wine at your own pace, rather than racing to finish a bottle if you’re just not feeling it. Your future self will thank you!

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