If You Drink Expensive Bourbon You Need This Crystal Snifter Glass

When you spend the money on special bourbon, you need to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. With so many special releases and barrel picks, these things can add up pretty quickly, and to experiences the nuances of each bottle, you need to make sure you’re using a glass that’s going to release these special notes.

That’s why every fine-whiskey drinker needs a Crystal Snifter Glass. Designed by the experts at Spiegelau, these stemmed tulip glasses take your top-shelf bottles to the next level.

Best Crystal Whiskey Snifter Glass

The long stem keeps your hand from warming up your dram, while the flared bowl opens and concentrates the aromas so that you can contemplate the nuances of your favorite pours with ease and elegance.

They don’t just sit on the shelf for a rainy day, either. These stems are certified dishwasher safe, meaning after a night of tasting, they can go in with the rest of the dishes from the evening. We’ve found them to be great vessels for other fine aged spirits, such as extra-anejo tequila and extremely old rums.

Test these side-by-side with a standard rocks glass, and you’ll be blown away by how large of a difference these glasses make in enhancing your bourbon drinking experience.