Every Tequila Lover Needs This Hat

Look, the fact of the matter is, most tequila lovers don’t have to show off. Instead, guided by a casual confidence, these spirits pros often glide from blanco to añejo without ordering so much as a spicy marg. For these calm, cool, and collected connoisseurs we see you and we appreciate you, but we also have one product that may help you spice up your look — no Tajín required.

This summer, millions will return to the outdoor venues, festivals, barbecues, and beach parties they’ve spent the entire pandemic dreaming of, and when that time comes you’re going to need more than just sunscreen. To truly embrace everything this summer is about to offer you’re going to need to prepare to not only get back out beneath the blazing sun, but to also wow and impress your friends.

And while nobody wants to be the one caught head to toe in branded merch, there’s nothing wrong with using your apparel to show off your interests and send a signal out to new potential friends. So don’t be surprised if you show up in the right hat at the right time and find yourself suddenly greeted with “a drink on the house” — because this summer, it’s all about honing in your game plan.

So start the summer off right with a new look. Maybe that means dying your hair blonde, shredding your abs into a perfect 8-pack, or simply pulling on the perfect tequila hat.

The best hat for tequila lovers.

Made with 100 percent chino cotton twill, this hat features an adjustable strap with an antique buckle to give that one-size-fits-all fit a little extra flair. Available in five different colors, this hat is the perfect way to make a splash in any tequila scene and will keep you perfectly styled whether you’re sipping an añejo or mixing up some Ranch Water.

With looks ranging from black to pink to stone, you can collect the whole set to pass out to your crew. Each hat makes a great gift for any tequila lover, and if you can convince your clique to all wear them simultaneously you should have no trouble hosting the tequila tasting of your dreams this summer.