Essential Barware for Rum Lovers

Rum is incredible. It’s versatile, it’s delicious, it’s always in season. There are the aged versions, as complex and refined as the fanciest Scotch. There are the younger versions, meant for cocktails that bring you summer in a glass. It’s cheerful, it’s elegant. It’s exactly what you should be stocking your bar with, especially during a historic pandemic.

Here’s the barware you need to make your rum enjoyment dreams come true.

The Copper Cocktail Set

Best Copper Barware Set
You, the at-home quarantine bartender, need the proper set of tools to mix everyone’s favorite drinks. Enter this sleek set of commercial-grade barware. Made with stainless steel and finished with copper, this set includes a hawthorne strainer, double jigger, weighted bar spoon, and a lead-free crystal mixing glass. Your bar has never looked better, master bartender.

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Crystal Pearl Diver Glass (Set of 2)

Best Pearl Diver Glasses
For some cocktails, the cocktail isn’t the same without its designated glassware. If you’re making the tiki classic, Pearl Diver, you need a Pearl Diver Glass! This crystal glass set is based on the classic design by the grandfather of Polynesian Pop, updated with lead-free crystal. Its iconic stem and wide bowl are also perfect for your punches, piña coladas, and Mai Tais. When you’re drinking from this set, it’s a party every time.

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Tiki Cocktail Picks (Set of 4)

Best Tiki Cocktail Picks
Tiki cocktails are about enjoying a delicious mixture of alcohol, juices, and syrups, yes, but they’re also about living life with flair. This set of four copper-plated tiki cocktail picks, inspired by classic tiki sculptures, make the perfect finishing touch for any colorful cocktail, especially when skewered with pineapple, a lime, an orchid, or any other vibrant garnish.

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Faceted Hurricane Cocktail Glass (Set of 2)

Best Hurricane Glass
Let’s be real–the best hurricane glass is the disposable plastic one that you clutch while roaming through Bourbon Street after a long, tipsy day of enjoying New Orleans.

But, in the absence of that (and in a world where most travel is temporarily halted), these make a very good alternative. The sleek geometric design is eye-catching, but also unmistakably a hurricane glass, with the classic profile of a hurricane lamp. The lead-free crystal comfortably holds 14 oz of your favorite tiki drinks. This set of two is fun and sleek and the perfect glassware for tiki lovers.

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Riedel Vinum Tasting Glasses (Set of 2)

Best Aged Spirits Tasting Glass
Riedel has long been known in the beverage industry for its iconic wine glasses. To design these aged spirit tasting glasses, they worked with a host of sensory experts to maximize the aroma of any aged spirits: the elongated bowl discourages evaporation and brings the nuances of the aroma to the forefront. This attention to detail and quality make them a perfect tasting glass for aged rum.

Made with fire-polished 24 percent lead crystal, the fluted stem cuts an unforgettable silhouette. They’re stable, despite their delicate design, and each hold 7 oz of your favorite rum or aged spirit. This set of two glasses is the perfect vessel from which to sip your favorite aged rums.

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