The Essential Cocktail Sets You Need To Start Home Bartending

Mixology has become more than just a passing thought for you and you’re tired of mixing your creations with a fork or shaking them up with a water bottle (we’ve all been there). The time has come to embrace your new title of “Home Bartender” and get yourself the tools you deserve. Not only will the right barware make your life easier, but it’ll also take your cocktails to the next level. To help you out, we’ve rounded up the four best sets of bartending tools to get you started.

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Essential Cocktail Set

Best Cocktail Tool Kit
Aptly named, the Essential Cocktail Set has everything you need to make both stirred and shaken drinks. This set was expertly designed for the pros and you’ll likely find this exact shaker, jigger, strainer, spoon, and mixing glass at top bars across the country. Whether you’re mixing up a simple classic, like the Old Fashioned, or you’re creating an elaborate concoction all your own, this set has all of the tools you’ll need to deliver professional quality cocktails.

Unicorn Barware Set

For those who crave style, making this unique Unicorn Barware Set the star of your home bar is a must. While this barware set includes all of the basic tools, the statement it makes is anything but basic. This set delivers in both function and aesthetic, much like the cocktails you’ll be posting to your Instagram.

The Classic Cocktail Barware Set

Best Home Bartender Barware Set
You love the classics and you want something reliable so you can sip the cocktail you want whenever you’re craving it. The Classic Cocktail Barware Set gives you all of the tools you need to make your favorite bar staples at home. The Mixing Glass, Hawthorne Strainer, Double Jigger, and Weighted Barspoon are all professional-grade tools that are study and functional to make your bartending a breeze.

Canvas Cocktail Kit

The Canvas Cocktail Kit was designed with the life of the party in mind. For the person who is always on the go, now your bartending tools can go with you. With seven essential bar tools kept safe in a canvas wrap, you’ll be ready to craft any cocktail, anytime, anywhere.