Everything You Need To Lead A Zoom Cocktail Demo

We get it, you’re the friend in the group who knows your drinks. You taught your friends to order Negronis at happy hour and maybe even got one or two of them to try gin after bad experiences in college. You’re the one who chooses the bars when you go out and you can spot the bartender who makes the best martinis from a mile away.

Naturally, then, you’re the one who’s in charge of teaching everyone to make their own quarantine cocktails during your weekly Zoom happy hours. Maybe you’re teaching them your very own take on a quarantini, maybe it’s a classic dirty martini this week. Here’s everything you’ll need to pull it off.

Copper Cocktail Set

Best Copper Barware Set
Every good bartender has their trusty set of tools. The Copper Cocktail Set, complete with a mixing glass, hawthorne strainer, double jigger, and weighted barspoon is commercial-grade barware that gets the job done with flair. Your martini has never been stirred so beautifully.

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Faceted Stemless Martini Glasses

Best Faceted Stemless Martini Glasses (Set of 2)
Next, your glassware. With the Faceted Stemless Martini Glasses, your drink will be lit up by the geometric, gem-inspired design. The footed base offers a modern take on the classic stem. These are the glasses that you post to social media—the light show is unmissable.

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Tiki Cocktail Picks

No cocktail demonstration is complete without a garnish and no drink knows a good garnish better than a tiki drink, especially in a time where we all lounge on the couch and scroll longingly through our camera roll, dreaming of days spent on beaches with friends. Your pineapple garnish won’t be as fresh as it was in Hawaii, but these Tiki Cocktail Picks will ensure it still sparks some quarantine joy. The copper finish matches your cocktail set and will catch the light perfectly for your friends tuning in from their respective couches.

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Martini Emoji Hat

Best Martini Hat
To really say “I’m team martini,” make sure to don the sleek Martini Emoji Baseball Hat. Because you may have to teach your friends how to make cocktails over the internet, but that doesn’t mean you need to do your hair first.

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