These Classic Cocktails Should Never Be Served Without a Cocktail Pick

All too often, cocktail picks are the last thing to make it to the home bartender’s bar cart. For some, they don’t feel necessary, because many people choose to serve cocktails at home without garnishing. While this makes sense — and yes, sometimes simplicity rules — there’s also nothing wrong with going above and beyond when you’re making yourself a cocktail.

This last year, consumers have learned how to do just about everything themselves. From complex beauty routines to aging specialty whiskey, many readers have picked up some of their favorite hobbies during the lockdown.

For these fans of “doing it yourself,” cocktail creation is just another area to shine. Taking the time to learn not only how to slice or craft specialty garnishes but also how to pair them with your favorite drinks is a great way to either perfect or start your home bartending practice.

Of course, this brings us to cocktail picks, which are one of the most underrated bar tools out there. Not only can they help you stack heaping garnishes — think four blue cheese olives or a full-on lobster claw — but by choosing reusable picks, you can also cut down on your standard kitchen waste.

Unfortunately, while many people eagerly made the switch from plastic to eco-friendly metal straws, many are still choosing to garnish their drinks with flimsy paper umbrellas or other disposable options. For the two classic cocktails that absolutely require a cocktail pick (or design-friendly garnish), this can mean a ton of thoughtless trash.

Instead, read up on how to make these two fan favorites and invest in a reliable set of cocktail picks so you’ll never be caught without the perfect garnish again.

The Bloody Mary

The best cocktail picks for bloody marys

When it comes to Bloody Marys, it’s best to assume “more is more.” There’s no room for a minimalist approach to the classic Bloody Mary because brunch spots and cafés everywhere are constantly competing for the biggest, boldest Bloody Mary garnish.

No one wants to order a Bloody Mary only to receive a simple, red cocktail. Instead, prepare to impress with these classic cocktail picks that can easily be stacked up with olives, pickles, seafood — or even bacon. Choose from silver or gold, and get ready to stack these stainless steel cocktail picks up into the perfect garnish of your dreams.

The Piña Colada

The best cocktail picks for tropical cocktails

When it comes to the Piña Colada, bartenders have endeavored for years to create the most beautiful versions of the cocktail. For many, that has meant harvesting and carving out tons of pineapples or coconuts, which while sure to impress, is not always the most feasible serve for home bartending.

Instead, look to a perfect cocktail pick to drive all those same flavors, aromas, and thrills home. Simply cut up any mix of fresh fruit and assemble your favorite tropical mix on the pick shish kabob style, and leave plenty of fruit waiting for your next round. These copper-plated, stainless steel picks are the perfect option because they feature tiny metallic details that will really drive your theme home.