Give Your Cocktails a Personal Touch With This Barrel-Less Oak Aging Kit

We all love a good DIY situation, especially since the pandemic hit. Our social media feeds have been flooded with folks making their own bread, beer, kombucha, and more. We’ve been doing a lot of the same. Lending your favorite food or beverage a personal touch just feels good.

Of course, there are many ways to add a bit of character to your cocktails, from DIY syrups and bitters to even making your own amaro. But, it’s hard to find something as easy and distinctive as the spirits you’ll customize using the Barrel-less Oak Aging Kit.

Best Whiskey Aging Kit At Home

Real oak barrels run thousands of dollars and, we don’t know about you, but we certainly couldn’t fit them in our apartments, even if we did have a few grand to spend on an oak barrel or two. Instead, we use this kit. Buy a great but young bottle of white rum, tequila, or even whiskey, then throw in the charred oak stick for anywhere from a day to six weeks. Then, enjoy a spirit that you had a hand in shaping.

Each kit comes with one stainless steel & silicone stopper/pourer, two charred oak sticks, and a world of possibility for customizing your favorite sipping spirits and cocktails. And because the stopper sits in the original spirit bottle, you don’t have to worry about any additional messes or spills when transferring to other containers.

If you want to really test the boundaries of this kit, we recommend batching a bottle of a spirit-forward cocktail, such as a Negroni or a Manhattan, and aging it with this stopper set. You’ll truly add a personal touch to your house cocktails.

It makes a great gift for anyone who loves whiskey or a dimensional cocktail. Just make sure you grab one for yourself before gifting one to someone else.