This Poster Is A Cocktail Family Tree

There’s a wide world of cocktails out there and trying to learn them all can be headache-inducing, in more ways than one. Between the Mojitos, the Old Fashioneds, the Daiquiris, the Rob Roys, and the Negronis (to say nothing of the Tom Collinses), there’s always a cocktail out there to be discovered and mastered.

But, there’s a simpler way to approach it, according to Cocktail Codex, the James Beard Award-winning book by Death & Co.’s Alex Day, Nick Fauchald, David Kaplan, and Devon Tarby. This handy little mixology primer suggests that you really just need to know six classic cocktails and how to riff on them in order to make just about any cocktail without Googling six different recipes. Every cocktail can be traced back through the cocktail family tree to one of those six cocktails.

Best Cocktail Recipe Poster Print

This museum-quality Cocktail Codex Poster breaks down the essentials of each cocktail and three variations on each. It’s a lovely piece to hang on your wall, but also a helpful guide for the next time you’re looking to whip up something delicious. Using this expert formula—and expertly designed poster—you’ll quickly become a master of your own bar and beyond. When your friends see this poster on your wall, they’ll think they’re at the home of a top bartender. And, they’ll be right!

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