The Proper Glassware for Bud Light

No matter what natural wine or craft brewery they’re in love with, most consumers have a favorite macro brewery on the side. For those who love Bud Light, the world often feels like your oyster, as you’ll never have to worry about getting your hands on the “latest release” or “perfect pet-nat” the way other beer or wine nerds may.

That being said, there are still ways to elevate your experience and drive everything you love about your favorite beer home. The easiest way to do this is to find the proper glassware for your drink, and for beer, it’s all about beer style.

This is the best glassware for Bud Light.

Just as a hazy IPA aficionado probably has IPA glasses on hand, so should any lager or pilsner fan. The right glass will help amplify your tasting experience by ensuring you can taste and smell every flavor in your beer, but it will also preserve the body your brewer worked so hard to create.

At VinePair, we reach for this Spiegelau Lager glass anytime “beer o’clock” strikes, and it’s a great piece to have on hand for any beer fan.

If you’re skeptical about what it can do to really elevate your beer, consider this: the next time you’re sitting down to dinner with a group of wine lovers, you’ll be able to grab a Bud from the fridge, pour it into this glass, and simply drink it in style — and peace.

Beyond this great hack, the glass is also great because it’s made with non-leaded crystal and totally dishwasher safe. Crafted in Germany, these glasses are great for casual drinkers or experts and will definitely deliver the optimal aromas and flavors in your beer.