You’ve just gotten home from work and you’ve plopped yourself onto the couch. You probably aren’t going anywhere, but you’re thirsty and in desperate need of a cold beer. If you’re wearing the right socks, all you have to do is throw your feet up on the coffee table, and poof! A beer will likely appear in front of you (as long as you’ve been nice, not naughty!).

In a perfect world that’s how these beer socks would work. These “If You Can Read This Bring Me a Beer” socks say it all. Hilarious and practical, they make a great holiday, birthday, or “just because” gift.

They’re one-size-fits-most and are a clever way to suggest to the nearest person that you’re thirsty for a cold one. We can’t promise they’ll work every time, but every once in a while a good Samaritan will heed the words and bring you a frosty pint. So lie back, relax, and unwind with these beer socks.

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