Every Bourbon Lover Needs This Poster

People who love bourbon don’t just love bourbon; they are flat-out obsessed. They’re in the Facebook groups, stalking the secondary market, fishing for info on those limited edition store selections — it becomes a passion that is more than just the juice in the bottle.

Any bourbon lover worth their salt should know the details on who owns what brands when it comes to big bourbon. It’s a dizzying lineup, and after some digging, you’ll quickly realize that many iconic Kentucky brands are owned by companies outside the state (and even the country).

Thankfully, there’s a better way than going full amateur detective covering your wall with printouts tied together with red string.

The Bourbon Family Tree Poster

This Houses of Bourbon poster breaks down the major corporations that own some of America’s favorite bourbon brands. With it hanging over your collection of bottles, you’ll be able to grasp the family trees quickly and efficiently.

As a bonus, the poster is incredibly sleek and printed on museum-quality matte paper. It makes a fantastic gift for anyone who loves America’s native spirit, but we wouldn’t recommend buying one for someone else without grabbing one for yourself.

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