10 Great Black Friday Weekend Deals For Cocktail Lovers (2020)

It’s been a weird year for cocktail lovers—though some US states quickly made to-go cocktails available, most of us have still had to beef up our at-home mixology game. But, all the more reason to spoil friends, family, and ourselves with cocktail glasses, tools, and gear that will make 2021 tastier. Keep those spirits bright by checking out these Black Friday weekend deals for cocktail lovers!

Cooler than Cool Chilled Martini Glass (Set of 2) – 30% OFF!

Best Cold Martini Glass
Jonesin’ for a cold martini? Make sure it stays at peak chill with the Cooler Than Cool Martini Glass. This set of two makes sure that your next imbibing experience will be at the proper temperature—just pop the BPA-free glasses in the freezer for two hours or when you think of it. We always have a couple in the freezer in case we need a spontaneous dirty martini. Once the proprietary gel is frozen, it keeps the cocktails at the perfect temperature without having to add ice. Just keep hold of that silicone band (comfy holding + more insulation) and sip your martini all night.

Schott Zwiesel Gin & Tonic Glasses (Set of 6) – 20% OFF!

Best Sturdy Gin and Tonic Glasses
Some people think of the G&T as a simple well drink. But, as a cocktail lover, you probably know that this classic cocktail is loved world-round for its possibilities—when you fine-tune the gin, the tonic water, and the garnishes, you really end up with something special. These Schott Zwiesel Gin & Tonic glasses elevate your cocktail even further by enhancing and concentrating those beautiful botanical aromas. There’s plenty of room for ice, garnishes, and your gin and tonic will never be the same.

Cocktail Codex Poster – 15% OFF!

Best Cocktail Codex Poster
When you’re getting into the cocktail world, it can be hard to keep your Penicillins, Rob Roys, Gimlets, and Juleps straight, to say nothing of your Daiquiris.

But, according to Cocktail Codex, a James Beard Award-winning book by Death & Co.’s Alex Day, Nick Fauchald, David Kaplan, and Devon Tarby, you really only need to know six classic cocktails and how to riff on them. Start with the Cocktail Codex Poster and learn how to turn a Daiquiri into a Julep and then into a Whiskey Sour. This full-color museum-quality poster opens up a whole world of cocktail possibilities and will significantly improve your home bartender game.

Essential Cocktail Set – 30% OFF!

Looking to make incredible at-home cocktails with professional-grade tools? This set, designed by our friends at Cocktail Kingdom and crafted in Japan, is what you’ll find in top bars all over the country. The Essential Cocktail Set comes with a mixing glass, barspoon, jigger, weighted shaking tins, and a Hawthorne strainer for thoughtfully creating just about any cocktail you can think of.

Buswell Collins Glass (Set of 6) – 30% OFF!

Speaking of Cocktail Kingdom, this set of six Collins glasses is also professional-grade and perfect for your Highballs, Bloody Marys, Mojitos, and more. And, they’re dishwasher safe!

The Periodic Table of Cocktails Poster – 15% OFF!

Looking for more museum-quality cocktail art for your wall? The Periodic Table of Cocktails poster breaks down the essential details of each cocktail, such as the base spirit, how it’s made (built, shaken, stirred, or blended), and glassware.

Cooler than Cool Chilled Tumbler (Set of 2) – 30% OFF!

Best Freezer Tumbler
The Cooler Than Cool Chilled Tumblers ensure that you’re ready for whatever the evening throws at you, drinks-wise. Keep that custom cocktail perfectly chilled—after two hours in the freezer, the proprietary gel teams up with that insulating silicone band to keep things frosty for as long as the party’s still going.

¡Tequila! Baseball Hat – 15% OFF!

Best Tequila Baseball Hat
The ¡Tequila! Hat comes in black, white, stone, light blue, and pink and celebrates the joy that is life when tequila’s around. You’ll be the life of the party whenever you’re wearing this!

Canvas Cocktail Kit – 30% OFF!

Seven essential tools, one portable canvas wrap. Take your mixology skills on the go with this Canvas Cocktail Tool Set! This comes with a jigger, strainer, zester, bar spoon, ice tongs, wood muddler, and waiter’s corkscrew for whipping up whatever you can imagine. And, in between cocktail adventures, your tools will stay safely stored in the canvas.

Cooler than Cool Glacier Margarita Glass (Set of 2) – 30% OFF!

Best Frozen Margarita Glass
Whether you’re more of a frozen marg or classic marg kind of drinker, the Cooler Than Cooler Glacier Margarita glass will keep your drink perfectly frosty. Each glass in this set of two holds 12 oz, comes with a silicone band for insulation and comfy handling and made with sturdy glass. Just pop these in the freezer when you’re feeling like margarita time may be approaching and after two hours, the proprietary gel inside the glass will ensure that everything stays chilled. Cheers to a cold margarita!