As your friendly neighborhood cocktail obsesses, we’ve searched far and wide for bar equipment that will simply, and seriously, up anyone’s at-home cocktail game, whether you’re a professional mixologist or just someone who enjoys a nice martini at the end of the day. Here is the best of what we’ve found.

Heavyweight Gunmetal Cocktail Shaker

Heavyweight Gunmetal Cocktail Shaker
Whether you have a cocktail shaker already or not, this Heavyweight Gunmetal Cocktail Shaker will seriously up your bar game. Its durable, heavier design gives you more control for shaking the hell out of your cocktails with some flair. Plus, it’s easier to hold in one hand and mutes the sound of the ice. “Shaken, not stirred” has never been so simple!

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The Sparkling Diamond Highball Set

Sparkling Diamond Etched Highball Glasses (Set of 4)

This stunning, art deco inspired set of Sparkling Diamond Highball Glasses is just the thing to give your cocktails a bit more flair. Made of imported German glass, which was manufactured, polished and cut in Pennsylvania, these dishwasher safe beauties will class up anything you serve in them.

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Cocktail Towels

Cocktail Recipe Cocktail Towels

These are a great way to say, “I love drinking, and you will love drinking whatever I make for you.” Featuring martini, Bloody Mary, and old fashioned recipes, the muted and clean design of these Cocktail Towels make them perfect for your bar, or really anywhere that needs a bit of booze-inspired adornment. Bonus: if you’re supposed to be making one of these and your mind goes blank, just pick up your towel and you’re in business again!

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Tiki Cocktail Picks

Tiki Cocktail Pick (set of 4)

These delightful and practical Tiki Cocktail Picks are inspired by Tiki torches, reimagined to be a fun and practical way to garnish your Tiki cocktail with some serious tropical deliciousness. We love that they’re copper plated, and love even more how perfect they look in a Painkiller, with pineapple spear and an orchid.

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Modern Punch Glasses (Set of 2)

Modern Punch Glasses (set of 2)

These smart and stackable crystal Modern Punch Glasses provide clarity, elegance, and an unparalleled drinking experience for even the simplest of cocktails. You’ll love them, especially with their matching punch bowl. Also, even if you rushed your cocktail making and had to use store-bought soda instead of homemade simple syrups in sparkling mineral water, these glasses are so elegant that everyone will think you were at your bar for hours, slaving over your punch.

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Modern Punch Bowl

Modern Glass Punch Bowl

You crafted a delicious cocktail—now let it be the centerpiece of the party. Elegantly angled glass of this Modern Punchbowl elevates whatever you’re serving, especially when you’re serving your marvelous creation in its matching Modern Punch Glasses.

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Faceted Hurricane Glass (Set of 2)

Faceted Hurricane Cocktail Glass (Set of Two)

Who says Hurricanes can’t be elegant? Serve these—and any other of your favorite fun cocktails in these elegant, Faceted Hurricane Glasses which take their shape from vintage hurricane lamps. A New Orleans staple, with a contemporary upgrade!

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Leopold Gold-Rimmed Coupe Glass (Set of 6)

Leopold Gold Rimmed Coupe Glasses

There’s nothing that says “I am a very classy drinker of classy cocktails” like a coupe glass. Add a gold rim on top, and you’re basically The Great Gatsby. Plus, these Leopold Gold-Rimmed Coupe Glasses were designed for professional bartenders, which means their delicate appearance is anything but. Gorgeous glasses, which will last for years!

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