Wooden Dice for ‘Elevated’ Drinking Games

We get that flip cup and beer pong don’t age well, but sometimes a drinking game is just the best way to break the ice. For times like those — or when that stale, awkward pause arrives after dinner — simply break out these dice and let the good times roll.

If you’re still entertaining from afar, order multiple sets for you and your friends and prepare for a rowdy Zoom Happy Hour.

But be warned, you won’t be rolling snake eyes with these dice. Instead, each die in the two piece set plays an important role in deciding who is drinking next — and how much they’re about to down.

The first die will designate the imbiber, with instructions like “player to your left.” This makes Zooming or playing with friends IRL super easy, and leaves plenty of room for forgetting that new acquaintance’s first name.

Best Easy Drinking Game Drinking Dice

The second die will decide just how much that player has to drink, and depending on your chosen beverage, the instructions may lead to some pretty silly situations. Each set of dice comes in its own canvas storage pouch, making for a quick and easy cleanup. The dice themselves are made of rubber wood, meaning yes, they’re spill-proof.

Cleaning up will be so much easier than mopping and stacking up a beer pong battleground, just make sure to always roll the dice responsibly. That way, you’ll always have this game as a fun way to connect with friends new and old, and get the ball rolling after your next family dinner.