This Wine Thermometer Is The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

We’re coming close to the holidays, and if you’re anything like us, you’re still rounding out the rest of the gifts for everyone on your list. It’s stressful, but sometimes, we work well under pressure. Most of the time, though, it totally backfires, and we’re in desperate need of a small gift for friends and family.

After we discovered this thermometer two years ago, we never felt those feelings of stress ever again.

At just $14, this Aficionado’s Wine Thermometer packs a big punch in such a small package. It’s the perfect gadget for anyone obsessed with wine, and they’ll use it way more than you think.

Best Affordable Wine Thermometer

When white, rosé, and red wines are served too cold or too warm, the flavors and aromas are completely masked. Sure, it’s still wine, but it’s not at all how the winemaker intended it to be consumed. In fact, temperature makes a big difference in both your $9.99 bottle of Pinot Grigio you picked up at the grocery store and the $30+ bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon you received as a gift.

You don’t need a cellar with a built-in temperature gauge or a fancy wine fridge to ensure your wine is at the right temperature. You just need this wine thermometer.

The team behind this thermometer designed it with an easy-to-read scale that instantly shows you the bottle’s temperature. It even has a guide printed on the thermometer itself of recommended serving temperatures, so you’re never asking yourself, “how chilled is this Nebbiolo supposed to be again?” This thermometer ensures you’ll always get the most out of every single bottle of wine.

Most importantly, this thermometer doesn’t use mercury or require a power source. This means you don’t have to worry about it needing a new battery every time you pull it out of the cabinet.

We tested this thermometer against a high-end, instant-read probe thermometer, and we were shocked that this $14 gadget perfectly recorded the wine’s temperature without any built-in electronics.

It’s our favorite stocking stuffer by far and makes a great gift when paired with someone’s favorite bottle of wine. Just make sure you grab one for yourself before gifting them out to all of your friends.