Our Favorite Wine Racks For Aging Wine at Home

Looking to invest in some nice bottles to keep around for a rainy day? As thrilling as it is to start collecting wine, you can’t stop there—that wine needs a place to rest until you’re ready for it.

You probably already know that it’s ideal for keeping wines in the dark space with a consistently cool temperature and high humidity. The bottles should stay on their side if you’re keeping them around for very long, as it keeps the cork properly moistened. And, of course, it’s important to keep them stashed safely away in something as beautiful as it is functional! Here are our favorite pieces for storing your age-worthy wine.

Stackable Countertop Wine Rack

Best Stackable Wine Rack
If you’re slowly starting to collect bottles, this Stackable Countertop Wine Rack is the perfect way to grow your collection at your own pace. Each metal shelf, coming in a classy black finish, holds four bottles, and each is stackable. Simply keep stacking away as you acquire more bottles, or if you’re short on space, each rack can be stashed under cabinets or atop a bookshelf.

Lattice Cube Wine Rack

Best Lattice Cube Wine Rack
Looking for something a little more show-stopping? The Lattice Cube Wine Rack will do nicely. This beautiful, stained acacia wood piece holds eight bottles of wine and can easily be stacked. Even if those around won’t be able to tell what bottles of Bordeaux or Burgundy are in there exactly, they’ll know you’ve got great taste just by spotting this rack in your home.

Rustic Countertop Wine Rack

Best Rustic Wine Rack
The Rustic Countertop Wine Rack is sleek and low-key, stylish, and functional. Put it on your kitchen countertop or bookshelf and let people take a peek at the great wine you rustled up. Inspired by antique metalworking, this rack holds half a case of wine and makes an impression wherever it’s perched.

The Grand Reserve Dual-Zone Wine Fridge (46 Bottle)

Best Wine Fridge
Collecting wine is an investment. If you want to ensure that what you’re putting away will be pristine when you open it, you need The Grand Reserve Dual-Zone Wine Fridge. It comes in either a classic stainless steel frame or black frameless model and will keep wine perfectly until you’re ready for it.

This incredible appliance holds up to 46 standard Bordeaux bottles and has two zones—one for whites and sparkling that can be set between 41-54F and a lower zone for red wines, which can be set from 46-66F. Plus, it comes with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor and 5 years on the compressor. Sure, it might be more of an appliance than a wine rack, but it’s the ultimate investment if you’re getting serious about aging those special bottles in your collection.